What we do

    What we do

    What we do

    The Tax and Customs Academy was established on the 1st of March 2017. The legal basis for its establishment is the Act of 16 November 2016 on National Revenue Administration and the executive decree of the Minister for Finance and Development of 1 March 2017 on the statutes of entities of the National Revenue Administration.


    The seat of the Tax and Customs Academy is in Warsaw, 4 Okrzei Street. Within the Academy there are 7 training centres located in: Białobrzegi, Jastrzębia Góra, Kraków, Muszyna, Otwock, Przemyśl and Wrocław.


    Our tasks are i.a.:

    ·         Coordination of training activities within the National Revenue Administration;

    ·         Preparation and development of a unified training system;

    ·         Drafting of training programs and materials;

    ·         Research and analysis of training needs in the National Revenue Administration;

    ·         Planning and organising training courses and other forms of personal development;

    ·         Evaluation of training quality and effectiveness;

    ·         Running introduction courses and exams for civil servants;

    ·         Running qualification courses and exams;

    ·         Conducting postgraduate studies in cooperation with universities;

    ·         Preparing and organising conferences, symposia and seminars;

    ·         Managing trainers of the National Revenue Administration;

    ·         Preparing educational publications; 

    ·         Preparation and implementation of projects with external financing.


    The Tax and Customs Academy deals with the  coordination and development of the e-learning system, which was introduced in the Ministry of Finance in March 2013. The e-learning platform is currently one of the biggest of its kind in the EU.


    The management of the e-learning system entails keeping high standards of the service (platform and e-courses) as well as ensuring ongoing updates of the educational resources, analysis and upgrade of e-learning methodology and its role in the complex model of education.

    Ultimately, the e-learning platform is intended to become, besides being an effective educational tool, a place for storing and exchanging knowledge, experience and discussion between the employeesand officers of the National Revenue Administration.


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